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Sheep Milk Bath Chocolate

Sheep Milk Shaving Soap



Sheep Milk Body Lotion


Sheep Milk Bath Creamers


Sheep Milk Animal Shaped Soaps

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Donkey Milk Soaps - 100g Donkey Milk Soaps - 100g
Donkey Milk Soaps Donkey Milk Soaps
Donkey Milk Cosmetics Donkey Milk Cosmetics
ChildFarm Products ChildsFarm Products
Reed Diffusers
Sheep Milk (Fruit Shapes) Soap Sheep Milk (Fruit Shapes) Soap
Sheep Milk Soaps (Rectangular) - 100g Sheep Milk Soaps (Rectangular) - 100g
Sheep Milk 'Animal Shape's' Soap Sheep Milk 'Animal Shape's' Soap
Bentley Organic Products Bentley Organic Products
Goat Milk Soap - Natural
Bath Mallows Bath Mallows
Handmade Soaps Handmade Soaps
Bath Bombs Bath Bombs
Gift Packs Gift Packs
Candles Candles
Little Hotties (Home Fragrance) Little Hotties (Home Fragrance)
Pure Essential Oils & Blends Pure Essential Oils & Blends
Fun & Funky Soaps Fun & Funky Soaps
Green People (ECOCERT) - Products
Shower Soaps Shower Soaps
Bath & Body Accessories

Certified Organic & Natural 'Skin Care & Body Care Products' Store including wide range of gifts - specialises in animal milk products like Donkey Milk, Sheep Milk & Goat Milk, handcrafted chemical free soaps & bath bombs suitable for sensitive skin, prone to eczema or psoriasis

We specialise in Animal Milk Soap products which can help to combat psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, dry skin and acne.


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