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Kiss Me Quick Bath Creamer 30g
2.09 GBP

Give your skin the kiss of life with this luxurious shea and cocoa butter filled creamer, also containing pure ylang ylang and geranium essential oils to restore you and leave you feeling pretty! This is one kiss you won’t mind telling!

Lime-On Bath Creamer 30g
2.09 GBP

The fresh citrus scents and pure lemon and lime essential oils will help you revive your spirits and put on a happy face, whilst the pure natural butters will nourish, refresh and nurture your skin.

Love Junkie Bath Creamer 30g
2.09 GBP

Inhale the sweet scents of strawberries & cream as buttery foam leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. The pure Ylang ylang & Jasmine essential oils work together for an intoxicating bath.

Stress Less Creamer 30g
2.09 GBP

A fragrant, soothing Bath Creamer made by hand with pure Cocoa and Shea butter then rolled in Coriander leaf and decorated with Rose buds. Bursting with pure Vetiver essential oil and Sweet Almond oil to nourish and smooth your skin.

Rosie Heart Creamer 20g
2.09 GBP

With a light, contemporary floral fragrance, this Bomb Cosmetics Bath Creamer has also been rolled by hand in finest quality Morrocan Rose Petals.

A sophisticated blend of floral notes, combining rose and jasmine for the fragrance heart and geranium and neroli top notes.

Twinkle Star Bath Creamer 30g
2.09 GBP

With a jelly baby fragrance and pure cocoa and shea butters, how you make my skin so bright! With pure cedarwood & geranium essential oils.
Top notes of sweet Strawberry and Juicy Raspberry are mellowed by elements of edible parma violet and completed by delicate creamy caramel.

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