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Knickerbocker Glory Whoopie Blaster 140g
2.99 GBP

A fizzy ice-cream and soda fragrance, sandwiching a divine cocoa butter swirl, and with pure amyris and thyme essential oils to pep you up and leave you glowing in all your glory!
Wild fruit and red berry notes blend seemlessly with a creamy vanilla base to make a mouth watering fragrance

Hawaii High Whoopie Bath Blaster 140g
2.99 GBP

As you lie back on your paradise island, the scents of a sun drenched holiday are captured in this tropical whoopie blaster as the pure grapefruit and coconut oils send you into a deeper state of relaxation.

Bright Lights, Big City Whoopie Bath Blaster 140g
2.99 GBP

Bright lights and the big city belong to us tonight! One sniff of the pure lemongrass and bergamot essential oils and you’ll be ready to hit the town with an electric feel! Fun & fruity notes of orange & pineapple open this scent with overtones of freshly cut-grass & tagettes.

Mango Mumba 5 Whoopie Bath Blaster 140g
2.99 GBP

One, two, three, four, five! With a little bit of mango to make me thrive, a little bit on pineapple on the side, a little bit of cocoa butter on my skin, and little bit of shea butter to make me grin! And pure essential oils to make me FINE!

Pink Rhubarb Princess Whoopie Blaster 140g
2.99 GBP

You are a princess, and deserve to be treated as such! With a fresh fruity fragrance, and pure cocoa and shea butter piping, this will leave your skin royally soft! With pure cedarwood and geranium oil.

Raspberry Pav-lover Whoopie Bath Blaster 140g
2.99 GBP

Crammed with everything you need for a perfect summer! A ripe raspberry fragrance combined with a swirl of cocoa butter to prep your skin for the sun and then sprinkled with tiny daisies! With pure ylang ylang and bergamot essential oils.

Violet Hill Whoopie Blaster 160g
2.99 GBP

Take a trip with me to Violet Hill, a place where the lemonade springs and the bluebirds sing. With a pure cocoa and shea butter piping inside to leave your skin silky smooth and nourished. It also has pure lavender and rose essential oils.

Zest Appeal Whoopie Bath Blaster 140g
2.99 GBP

Get your mo-jo back with our Mai Tai inspired mix of zestiness and sexiness! A touch of glitter is combined with pure orange and mandarin essential oils to give a cocktail of get-up-and-go!

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