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Donkey Milk Soap Products


TO COMBAT ECZEMA, PSORIASIS, ACNE AND SKIN ALLERGIES Secret beauty since antiquity times donkey' milk soap by its unique composition is an ideal tanseur for skin and had the power to slow aging by regenerating.

It’s main qualities : Rich in essential nutrients, it’s vitamin content A, B1, B6, C, E and it’s minerals. Donkey milk is integrated fresh in our soaps (base 100% vegetable ECOCERT. certification). Our donkey milk soaps are recommended in the care of skin problem (eczema, psoriasis, acne), as well as dry skin, sensitive and reactive. All are hand crafted in workshop in Les Epesses (French).


Perfect for Babies: It nourishes dry skin and calms irritations. A very mild soap, suitable for all skin types. Donkey milk is widely used in both cosmetics and food, in consistency it is very similiar to breast milk.


How is Donkey milk soap made? Lactation in donkey’s is, as in most mammals, triggered by the mother having a baby. During the first two months of it's life, the colt is entirely dependent on it's mother's milk. From the third month, the colt will graze in the fields and significantly reduces it's milk consumption. Milk storage in donkeys is very low, so they are hand milked. 1 and ½ litres of milk is produced per day. A strong bond is therefore essential between farmer and donkey. A good farmer will know his donkeys very well. Once the precious milk is collected, the soap manufacturer "La Savonnerie des Collines" collects the fresh milk directly from the farm. Speed is of the essence at the soap production stage, as the milk will only keep for 2-3 days. Once produced, the soaps are dried for about 1 month before being put on sale.

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