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Adventures in Eden Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

Let the fresh uplifting aromas transport you to your own secret garden, where time stands still and you are forever young. With Tea Tree essential oil.
Oriental influences fused with a modern floral heart create this light and uplifting fragrance.

Aztec Gold Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

Allow yourself to be enchanted with powerful and soul stirring fragrances and emotion enhancing essential oils. Let your body delight in pure endulgence as it sips on nature's best kept secret. With Frankincense, Cedarwood and Gold of Pleasure oils to deeply moisturise.

Azure Skies Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

Picture a bright blue sky above you, turquoise waters before you, and a fresh ozonic and fruity fragrance surrounding you. Heaven? Quite possibly, so try Azure Sky with pure Ylang-ylang and Frankincense essential oils.

Baby You're a Star Soap Slice - 100g
3.00 GBP

A flurry of snowflakes and a calm peace descends upon you, as the pure essential oils lavish you with their natural restorative.

Beachcomber Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

Let soothing waves of Coconut wash over you as the warming arms of Ylang Ylang and Litsea Cubeba essential oils help to evoke feelings of happiness and wellbeing.
This fragrance features a classic coconut heart, with slightly woody base notes.

Berry the Hatchet Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

Berry yourself in fruit filled clouds of sweet aromas, helping to energise, leaving you in a glorious state of full awareness. With Cedarwood and Sweet Orange essential oils.
A perfect blend of fruit notes, with a blackberry heart and hints of strawberry and raspberry.

Caiperina Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

An exotic cocktail of Brazillian Lime and Grapefruit essential oils that's so awakening it could make a three toed sloth shake his booty!
A fresh fragrance reminiscent of a white wine spritzer, with citrus top notes. Ideal for a summers evening.

Candy Box Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

Feel like a kid in a candy store with this delectable recipe of Bergamot and Sweet Orange essential oils to enliven and uplift. Soft and fluffy notes of pear, apple, ripe strawberries and juniper to open, with a delicate mix of raspberry and peach, accented with jasmin blossom and on-trend violet.

Candy Moon Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

Sweetly scented soap, created to thrill the senses and warm the heart with its passionate Jasmine and Rose essential oils. A woody floral fragrance opening with Lemon and Orange, followed by a bouquet of Jasmine, Gardenia, Rose and Lavender on a base of Patchouli, Sandalwood and Musk.

Chock-a-Block - 100g
3.00 GBP

Chock full of decadent chocolate and tart raspberry scents to leave your skin smelling good enough to eat! And crammed with pure patchouli and vetiver essential oils to satisfy your chocoholic shakes and calm your mind.

Cotton Fresh Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

A surreal pool of water mystifies and lulls you into a dream-like state, as the nostlagic scent of fresh cotton and pure patchouli and amyris essentiail oils calm and soothe your worries away.

Crazy Cupid Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

Crazy Cupid will send you head over heels with exciting fragrances and body enriching essential oils of Lavender, Chamomile and enough Ylang Ylang to make even a nun feel nervous. A refreshingly complex, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance with hints of lime, sage, nutmeg, vetiver and sandalwood.

Crystal Waters Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

Iced water freshness locked into a bar with a whirlpool of essential oils and a fragrant scent. With Lavender essential oil. A refreshing blast of oceanic fragrance, with an ozonic heart and citrus top notes of Lime and Bergamot.

Dark Pleasures Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

Enter into a world of dark pleasures, sensuously perfumed and laced with Lavender and Patchouli essential oils, creating a lather with all treats and no tricks! A timeless fragrance made up of Hawthorn and Cassis top notes over a classic Rose and Jasmine heart.

Dead Sea Salt Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

An ancient and natural purifying remedy. Ideal for revitalising and nourishing tired and dehydrated skin. With a real salt crust (perfect for sloughing any dead skin) and Eucalyptus essential oil, this soap has the power to resurrect!

Electric Dreams Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

Set your mind free and start believing, this wonderful soap can truly have a profound essect upon the senses as waves of sophisticated scents and essential oil filled lather help cleanse and wash away fatigue.

Free Spirit Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

Full of uplifting scents and rejuvinating pure essential oils to raise you spirits and help cleanse the mind and body. A dynamic bergamot fragrance with the typical fresh citrus character of the green fruit enhanced with a zesty splash of lemon, lime, grapefruit and mandarin.

Fruit Diamond Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

Juicy fresh scents of paradise & bless the skin with healing kisses from an exotic blend of grapefruit & tangerine essential oils. Zesty mandarin, fresh apples, green leaf & bright notes of yuzu open into an aromatic, floral heart of pretty orange blossom finishing with sweet coconuts.

Fruit Loop Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

Ride the fruit rollercoster with this zingy cranberry & lime fragrance! Let the pure lemon and lime essential oils take you over the loop-the-loop and send you on an uplifting whirl!........

Fruit of the Flower Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

Be bold, be different and bathe with this uplifting blend of neroli, with a subtle fruit twist. Contains mandarin and neroli essential oils to uplift and revive. A sweet and citrus top note with rich mandarin and orange flowers building up from a heady base of subtle spices

Go Mango Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

Just the scent of this wonderful soap first thing in the morning awakens the mind, helping to wash away that early morning sluggishness and kick starting the day.

A warming Mango fruit heart melds intimately with berry top notes.

Hawaiian Flower Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

One wash will release a wave of Sweet Orange and Mandarin oils to energise and revitalise. Opening with fruity, sparkling notes of fresh pineapple and oranges. The creamy, coconut heart blends peaches and almonds with a sweet finish of caramel & rich vanilla.

Hypno-Therapy Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

Become absorbed in the mystic swirl of the nectarine and cliantro fragrance, mixed with pure bergamot & thyme essential oils to put you into a fragrant therapy to lift the soul and spirit.

Icandy Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

Bubble by name, bubble by nature! This sweety inspired soap with a candy scent and pure clary sage & bergamot essential oils will leave you whipping up a bubble frenzy!........

Jack the Rippler - 100g
3.00 GBP

Swathed in an exfoliating coconut coat, this soap is a killer! With a pure Coconut and Evening Primrose oil to moisturise and condition, this is one stranger you won't mind meeting in your bathroom.

A potent raspberry blast with a creamy, vanilla base.

Kaleidosoap - 100g
3.00 GBP

An ever changing cathedral window of soap.

This scent transports you to a tropical island! With fruity opening top notes diffused with waterlily. At the heart ylang ylang, lily and tuberose blend with peony and spices, rounded off with vanilla, caramel and tropical coconuts.

Lemon Meringue Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

Delights of this foamy concoction including May Chang and Ylang Ylang essential oil which will leave your senses tingling from head to toe. A sweet, zesty scent opening with sparkling lemons, limes and green apples. Heart of lily and lemongrass is balanced creamy vanilla & musk.

Lime & Dandy Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

Step out with a lime and dandy soap designed to lift your spirits with its fresh scent of pure lime and lemongrass oils to refresh, enliven and uplift.

A citrus heart comprising fizzy soda of zesty lime, lemon & grapefruit.

Love Cloud Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

Take your senses to the clouds above as the pure litsea cubeba and mandarin essential oils uplift your soul, spirit and skin!

A rich perfume accord with cherries and fresh blossom.

Love Soaked Dreams Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

A sensual, romantic fragrance with enough pure essential oils (chosen for their aphrodisiac qualities) to make a Frankenstein feel frisky!
A sensual blend of aromatics with a complex, sophisticated heart and warming undertones of Sandalwood.

Maliblue Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

Surrender to the whirlpool of scents that spins around this fragrant ocean soap, and marvel as the tea tree and rosemary pure essential oils refresh and help cleanse.
A floral fragrance where a splash of citrus and fresh ozone rest upon a floral heart of wild lilies and jasmine.

Miss Tangleberry Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

Miss Tangleberry’s crazy fruit sensation drops a fragrance bomb on your senses to help blow away fatigue using a blend of Mandarin and Bergamot essential oils.

Neon Nova Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

An fresh explosion from within as the litsea cubeba and lemongrass essential oils take over and brighten your senses and spirit!

Orange Soda Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

A zesty combination of orange, mandarin essential oils to revive tired skin and give you a fizzy burst of energy! Energising zesty mandarin, fresh apples, green leaf and bright notes of yuzu open into an aromatic, floral heart of pretty orange blossom finishing with sweet coconuts.

Orange Soda Soap - 100g
3.00 GBP

A zesty combination of orange, mandarin essential oils to revive tired skin and give you a fizzy burst of energy! Energising zesty mandarin, fresh apples, green leaf and bright notes of yuzu open into an aromatic, floral heart of pretty orange blossom finishing with sweet coconuts.

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