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Let’s Get Wishy-Washy 
The freshest faces start with the cleanest slates, which is why washing away dirt, debris and other nastiness is the first step in a healthy, balanced skin care regimen. But a cleanser’s job doesn’t have to stop at cleaning. MyChelle cleansers go above and beyond with pore-refining essential oils, exfoliating fruit acids, natural skin brighteners and protective antioxidants. Plus, we have a rather impressive variety of unique cleansers—if we do say so ourselves—so you can find the perfect fit for your pretty face. 

Our luscious cleansers are soapy and sudsy or creamy and hydrating examples of skin care excellence, and you can trust they’re always free of drying, irritating sulfates. In fact, they even feature bioactive ingredients like exfoliating Fruit Alpha-Hydroxy Acids to increase cellular turnover and purifying, moisturising, vitamin-rich ingredients to feed the skin.

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